Car Key Replacement

Every vehicle manufacturer has a different way of engineering their product. This can directly effect the cost of an automotive locksmith coming out to replace your Keyless entry, key fob, transponder key, car remote etc.  Below we will highlighting some of the work that goes into making a Saturn key replacement.  Make Denver Car Keys Your number one Denver Locksmith.

Keyless entry or Key Fob

If you are looking to replace you keyless entry or key fob there are a few things to take into consideration.  How do you program the keyless entry or key fob  to the car?  There are two different ways to program a keyless entry or key fob to the car.  The first is with special key programming equipment and the second is with OBP or on board programming.  If your vehicle needs special key programming equipment, your keyless entry or key fob will cost more money.  If your keyless entry or key fob can be on board programmed, you should expect to pay less for the service since you could technically do it yourself.  Most key fobs have two separate parts that need to be programmed, the car remote portion and the transponder key portion.  If you already have a set of keys and did not lose your keys than there is a chance you can on board program your key fob.

Transponder key

As with keyless entry and key fobs, transponder keys need key programming with special programming equipment or on board programming.  Most of the time on board key programming can be accomplished if you already have two keys.  If you don’t have two transponder keys that you will need an auto locksmith programmer to obtain key programming.  Denver Car Keys can cut and program most Saturn transponder keys.

Key Programming

Most Saturn transponder keys can be on board programmed.

Note: Almost every vehicle manufacturer has a key code associated with the vehicle VIN number.  If you can obtain this key code from the dealer you can expect to get a better deal on automotive locksmith services for your Saturn key replacement.

Whether you are looking for keys for cars, keyless entry, transponder  key programming, key fob replacement or a car remote Denver Car Keys has you covered.  Open 24 hours serving Denver and its surrounding cities.